So what's it all about?

Surgent is attempting to create an internationally coordinated network of medical information. One of the greatest wastes in medical education is the loss of clinical knowldge gained in clinical attachments with senior colleagues. All students cannot work with all doctors, in all specialties. Surgent is hoping to change that by creating a database of clinical teaching. As we all know, the questions asked during rotations are the questions asked in exams and is the information that is crucial to our practice following qualification. Surgent has designed a searchable database of thousands of questions and answers on every topic presented in a variety of different ways including by your own univeristy or hospital, allowing you to learn and to revise those questions favoured by your examiners.

Every day students from several different universities upload the knowledge they have learned from the day. Specifically they upload 2 'Facts' they have learned that they did'nt know at the start of the day. Each student is paired off with a partner. It is the role of the partner to examine the facts for accuracy and sign off on their completeness if they are satisfied. To complete this they are expected to insert a reference where possible (using medical references only and not wiki etc).

Facts can be uploaded and edited through your account. Within your account you have a personalised study folder. If you see a question and answer you think might be important to hold onto, just click to add it to your folder. This will keep it safe for as long as you need, allowing you to return to it at a later date . If you want to add some of your own notes to this entry just type in the box provided, this can only be seen by you. Also if you find a fact useful, rate it by clicking on the stars below it..

We hope it helps...................




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