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Conditions of use
All information both medical & non-medical, contained within surgent is for medical educational purposes only. To the knowledge of the authors & contributors all information is believed to be complete and reliable, however surgent cannot assume responsibility for how this information is interpreted or for any typographical errors contained here within. All information is intended strictly for the use of medically trained/training personnel, not for the general public. Users of surgent seeking medical advice must consult with a medical practitioner and not use the information contained within surgent as a source of medical opinion.

The scenarios contained in surgent are fictional for the purpose of teaching and although realistic, are not the clinical realities of any one patient living or dead.

Any links provided by surgent are accessed at the risk of the user. While surgent attempts to maintain a vigilence it cannot be responsible for the content of these third party site. Accessing them is entirely at the risk of the user.
Last updated 30.03.09



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