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The images contained within surgent are of a particularly sensitive nature. Permission has been granted by patients for the use of these images specifically to the authors for teaching purposes. Great lengths have been taken to ensure that only medical personnel have access to the sites content. It is expected that the same degree of confidentiality exercised in the daily work of a medical professional is adhered to with respect to these images. It is the responsibility of the user that they do not allow access to the content to any non-medical person/s. Any person found to do so will be denied access to this and related sites, and will be at risk of serious disciplinary action.
The images and content are the property of Surgent. Any person/s wishing to use the images or content must first seek the permission of Surgent. This can be done by contacting Surgent with the name of the person/s, the request and reason for request. Any person/s not seeking prior permission will be in defiance of European and International copyright law. Due to the sensitivity of the content Surgent will not hesitate to taken legal action against that individual/s in order to protect the patients who have altruistically donated their time to help further medical education.
Last updated 30.03.09



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